OctoPi with CR-10S Pro V2

Hello! Confused new user here. I am trying to use OctoPi and some plugins with my new Creality CR-10S Pro V2. I’m still trying to figure out the workflow. Is it fair to say that if a function is supported by my OctoPi, while also supported natively on the printer, that I should only use the functions (e.g leveling/Z offset) either in Octoprint or on the printer (where OcP would simply serve as a job-launcher), rather than across both?


I guess everyone has their own opinion - if you ask me - yes use those functions on either device and don't mix them. :slight_smile:

Thanks very much. I think I’ve been doing a little here, a little there. I’ve gotten lucky on a few prints but the last couple of times, even though I think I’ve gotten Z offset dialed in, when I launch the print, Z goes to zero. (Nozzle exactly touching the bed), “ smearing’” the first layer and clogging the nozzle (using PETG). I guess I just don’t understand the relationship between Octoprint and the printers firm/software. Sounds like it’s really a wholesale replacement. I’ll try only setting things up via octoprint and some leveling/Z plugin. Thanks again!

You might try it without autoleveling once and see if that was what was changing things.

Will do. Thx!