OctoPod for iPhone, Apple Watch, Siri and Apple TV

OctoPod is a very popular OctoPrint client for Apple devices that is free and open source. Amazingly I never posted it in this forum. I started OctoPod around July 2018 and it is a 5 stars review in the Apple Store with several tens of thousands of downloads. If you never heard of it and you have an iOS device then keep reading.

It has so many features that this post would be too long and boring. But let me mention a few key things

  1. Supports multiple printers. Next version even comes with a dashboard to monitor them all in a single page
  2. Has Siri support to monitor and control your printers (e.g. to start a print, cancel a print, set temperatures, etc.)
  3. Has support for Palette 2 for multi color printing. You can even control your Palette 2 using Siri
  4. Has support for multiple cameras. You can see them in full screen even zoom in-/out and scroll around. This feature requires MultiCam plugin
  5. Has support for Cancel Object plugin so you can see objects you can cancel and cancel them from the app
  6. Of course you can see all files, delete files and start new prints. You can then pause/cancel/resume/restart jobs. Or easily print again last job
  7. Has support for Apple Watch including cameras support, complications and notifications
  8. I also created an OctoPod plugin for OctoPrint for getting important notifications like MMU needs assistance, thermal runaway protection, probe failed, print is done, print 50% progress or even be notified when print reached a certain layer or bed cooled down enough that you can remove your print or warmed up enough that material is done expanding
  9. Has support for DisplayProgressLayer plugin. Information will appear on our Apple TV and iOS devices
  10. Has support for a big number of plugins that control your PSU, tasmota, wemos, tplink, etc devices
  11. You can see a nice temp chart graph and evaluate the variance to see how stable are your temps
  12. You can execute custom commands that are automatically read from OctoPrint
  13. Today's widget support is included too
  14. Apple TV app is ideal for those of you that have more than 1 printer. You can monitor and control your printers
  15. iCloud synchronization to keep all your Apple devices in synch.You can also get iCloud gcode files and upload them to OctoPrint
  16. Lock the app from any potential action that could affect your running job
  17. Many different UI themes
  18. Terminal window where you can send gcode commands. Also have a list of explained gcodes that you can send that are popular
  19. Chamber support. Control and monitor chamber temp

App Store link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/octopod-for-octoprint/id1412557625
Githib link: https://github.com/gdombiak/OctoPod and https://github.com/gdombiak/OctoPod/issues
For ideas, questions or new features: https://github.com/gdombiak/OctoPod/issues


I use this. It's awesome. I've tried other clients, but haven't paid for them since their paid features don't really give me anything that this free client doesn't already.

And most importantly, you have a dev that listens. I had inquired to see if it was possible send periodic notifications about the print status, and he turned around and implemented it in a few days. That alone is a solid reason to get behind this app/dev.

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Thanks @simpat1zq for the feedback. Your request was a good one and lots of other users found it useful. Most of the features I implemented in the last year came from the community. Apple TV was asked by the community just like Today's widget. I'm now implementing Enclosure plugin support and a dashboard for iOS to easily monitor all your printers. All those features were requested as well. :slight_smile:

Sorry, this is going to sound like a rant against Apple. It is.

My iPad II has iOS v9.3.5 and your app, like almost all out there on the store requires 10.2 minimally. In other words, you're part of Apple's... :cough: ...evil plan to force early loss of perfectly-good hardware to the trash heap so as to maximize their profits.

For anyone who doesn't know how this works, the would-be apple developer is forced to install newer versions of Xcode to support, let's say, new devices like the Apple Watch. It's a bit of a Faustian bargain, though. Everything in the newer version of Xcode then compiles in such a way that it prevents older iOS clients from downloading it. Year after year Apple repeats this game and forces the average Apple customer into early hardware replacements.

I have no intention of buying an iPhone X or whatever the newest one is nor do I intend to throw away my iPad II.

There has to be a point where iOS developers push back against this business plan.

This app really does work great! Thanks!

I haven't tried, but is it possible to make it work over the net or is that another layer of mess?

Hi @KaraokeAmerica, happy to hear you are liking the app. :slight_smile: The safest way to access your OctoPrint from outside your local network is to use a VPN. Follow this guide to learn how to set one up.


I just found out about the AppleTV App...
I have been using OctoPod on my iPhone and iPad for some time and now on Apple TV!! Wow!! I am so glad with it!!!
Only yesterday I first connected a Logitech webcam to the OctoPrint-running Raspberry Pi2 and believe it or not but... Not only can I watch the 3D-print-process-video-stream on my Mac, iPhone, iPad and AppleTV, it also shows on my Apple Watch!!
Awsome!!! Great!!!

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Thanks @piadam. That's great feedback. If you have ideas or a need to improve OctoPod, let me know or create a ticket here. Most of the cool features came from the community.

Today version 3.4 came out and it added support for file thumbnails when browsing files (via this cool plugin). Also added support for Filament Manager plugin.

If you haven't already, please create a review on the App Store with your feedback. This helps spread the good word about the app.