Octopod remaining time percentage wrong displayed

Hello everybody,

as from V1.9.0 I get a wrongly displayed remaining time percentage in the octopod app.

As percentage is correctly displayed in the webfrontend I suppose this is a communication issue between octopod and the octoprint server?

Help is - again - very appreciated!


P.S. What would be generally the correct procedure for suspected update-issues: post them here or directly at GitHub?

You can always ask here if you're not sure if it's an acutal bug or not - but the right way to report a bug is on github :slight_smile:

In this case either on the plugins or the apps github (if there is one for the app)

Okay, thank you!

So here’s the systeminfo…

octoprint-systeminfo-20230618064046.zip (59.3 KB)

And opened a GitHub issue as proposed…:


But still I am not sure if this is octoprints new version issue or a plug-in one …

You have this 'M73 override' plugin, which changes the percentage in the UI but not on the API which OctoPod will use. This is most likely the source of the difference, and it didn't start since the 1.9.0 update.

Okay, thank you! How can I find out what the interrupts its startup?