OctoPrint-3D-Printer integration. How?


as a total newbe to OctoPrint I am now surfing the website for a while, as well as the documentation. But to one of the primary questions I cannot find an answer to, yet, it doesn't seem to be covered at all: how does OctoPrint integrate with a random 3D printer's controller (like makerbot/ultimaker/some less prominent one like fabrikator)? What is the big picture?

I'm sure I'll eventually figure out how, but I think this is an important thing the website shoud tell right away, so I wanted to drop it here as a bit of feedback.

Thanks for making and maintaining OctoPrint, it looks really cool and I'm gonna be a user soon.


Hi future new octoprinter :smiley:

To make it short : as long as your printer use one of the main opensource firmware (Marlin, repetier, sprinter, smoothie, etc...), it should be OK.
Fabrikator seems to use Marlin so it should work

For Makerbot, you need to use a plugin)

Ultimaker is OK too if I remember (I dont own one myself)

In octoprint's settings, there are some well labelled firmware-specific options

Good luck !