Octoprint addon for kodi


Hey guys,

I put together a plugin for kodi, that shows the webcam, print stats, and even let's you pause the print!

A great way to check on your printer when watching tv :stuck_out_tongue: you can even pause failed prints!
I also have a small script that when combined with gcode commands plugin, allows octoprint to pop up the kodi addon screen if specific gcode events occur!

Any one want this, not sure where to post it, I'll be setting up Github later and I'll post a link.




Yes man, great idea. :+1:t2:


Any one interested can find it here

You can also pause/resume prints by hitting space, enter, or select.


Repo is not public @Maritime_Maker so no love for the masses...


@jneilliii Very sorry, didnt realize it wasn't public by default, fixed now!