Octoprint and hassio in the same raspberry

Hi is there any instructions to run both in the same raspberry?
I have a raspberry with hassio installation as image.
Can i run octroprint also? Not the plugin.

Iirc hassio runs in a docker container so it should be no problem to install octopi.
Go with the raspberry guide

If hassio uses port 80 for the webinterface you might want to choose another port for octoprint or skip the proxy part so it runs on port 5000.

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That being said - get one raspberry pi for each. I run HA myself, I used to run it on a Pi and it bogged down the poor fellow pretty hard once I set up some things. You DON'T want a bogged down Pi when you also want it to stream a job as fast as possible to your printer, that's just a recipe for tears.

What I don't know is how to get them both onto the same pi .

At what I'm saying is that you really shouldn't run them on the same pi anyhow.

You will run into trouble. It won't work well. Get a second pi.

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