Octoprint and MKS3+ with MMU3

Hello everyone, does anyone have experience with Octoprint and the MKS3+ with MMU3? Do I need to change any other settings besides the number of extruders (number 5)?


Hello @Frank_3D !

Yes to 5 extruders and shared nozzle

Thanks for your answer. What is meant by "default extrusion length"?

It is used by :

What does this entry do? Is 5mm always correct?


When you click extrude, it is the distance of filament that is extruded from the printer. There's no "correct" number here, it's simply what you want to happen when you press the button. If you want 5mm of filament extruded, put 5. If you want 10mm of filament extruded, put 10.

Easier than I thought!


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