Octoprint beeing sold on amazon?

i just stumbled over this in my amazon recommendations:


and i was wondering: is that something official or is someone trying to make money with something they don't own / have a right to sell ?
it says "Brand name: Inland" as in the filament manufacturer ?

Actually it's part of the OctoPrint merch:

ok, wasn't aware of that :slight_smile:

Yeah, it's quite cool. You can also purchase octoprint kits or these sd cards at your local micro center.

As software updates over time, it makes MUCH more sense to use Raspberry Pi Imager, select a special-purpose OS, followed by 3D printing and finally OctoPi. With a physical product, there is a great chance that it will be obsolete or significantly outdated before it is finally sold and used for the first time. Using the RPi Imager program, it will download the latest image file for you. You can also go into the advanced menu to perform tasks such as setting up WiFi settings (I'm not a fan of using it in WiFi mode, Ethernet with PoE for me, but I know many people do) or change your default password before burning the image to the Micro SD card. If you are not tech-savvy enough to do that, maybe you need to find a different hobby that doesn't require computer knowledge.

Might be out of date by the time it's sold however I believe if it's official merch like that Gina gets a piece.
Also the update functionality is built into octoprint so it's jut a click on a pop up.