Octoprint-cli - OctoPrint command line client

I made this command line tool for controlling OctoPrint servers from the terminal using the REST API. If anyone would like to test it and give me feedback, I'll appreciate it.




Will test it tomorrow - I'm mid print right now :smiley:

Question - is it possible to get a continuous status output?

But don't stress yourself - I'm sure watch would also work :slight_smile:

You could always use watch to get something continuous.

# Every two seconds, the default:
watch ~/scripts/octoprint-cli.py print status

Actually, that would probably be awesome in combination with a TFT screen local to the Pi plus a Conky script to query/report that.

absolutely :slight_smile:

I'm happy that the code is finally working but there are some issues that I need to fix, so I will probably be reviewing and rewriting large parts of the code. Details can be found in this suggestion: https://www.reddit.com/r/octoprint/comments/gblziv/octoprintcli_octoprint_command_line_client/fp8biek?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x

If you have a suggestion pleas make an issue on GitHub so I won't forget. Thanks for the suggestion!

Neat. This is kind of where I am going with OctoPrint-SSHInterface

I've been experimenting with OctoFarm, but stopped using temporarily because node.js was hammering my server - But this is absolutely worth a try as a simple status page - I was tinkering with running python off a web page as a self learning exercise a couple of years ago - so this would be mega useful. Thank you.

Tried it, installed it, working, I've used an Octopi name not an IP, but that works too, couple of enhancements - multiple printers? - could simply be an option on the CLI for a file other than config.ini, or select an Octopi instance by name.
Second thought - what about options to upload files? combined with print select this would be really useful..
thank you :slight_smile:

@PrintedWeezl @OutsourcedGuru
I have create a continuous output feature which has been committed and will get a new release very soon


Thank you :slight_smile: