OctoPrint Components Kit

I am thinking of creating a kit that includes everything you need to set up OctoPrint with your 3D printer:

Raspberry Pi
USB to Mini USB cable
SD card
Power supply
Compatible webcam

First of all, would anyone be interested in buying a kit like this? It would make ordering parts much easier, and would come with directions for ease of setup.

Second, would a kit like this be legal?


There are kits like this out in the world...with support included apparently.

Thanks! I was looking for something like this and found nothing. Perhaps making one that is easier to find would still be profitable... but it's good to know that it already exists.


This is the download page:

Clicking that button brings you here:

The first option is what @jneilliii linked to.

I'm not sure how to make it any easier without becoming obnoxious to people who want to set up stuff themselves.

Wow, not sure how I missed that! Thanks for the info.