Octoprint/Enclosure plugin can't switch on BTT SKR1.4T again after switch off

I've had a functional setup for my printer (with Geeetech GT2560RevA+ control board) where I use Octopi's Enclosure plugin to control ATX power source and LED lights via Raspberry Pi GPIO and relay board. My Octopi version is 0.17.0, Octoprint is 1.4.2 and Enclosure plugin is 4.13.1.

Everything functioned very well until I yesterday updated old GT2560 board to Bigtreetech SKR V1.4 Turbo board. With SKR1.4T I found my setup to behave in very peculiar way:

My Octopi is always on and connected to my home LAN/Wifi and I have Webcam attached to it so I can see my printer from other devices in the same home network.

I use Octoprint web interface to send PS-ON signal to ATX-PS which powers up SKR1.4T via Enclosure plugin. This works fine.

I connect to printer via Octoprint's Connect button and it connects without a problem. Also disconnecting and reconnecting etc. works fine.

If I power off ATX-PS via Enclosure plugin, it powers off ok.

Now, if I try to power ATX-PS again via Octoprint, nothing happens. Relay board led turns on, but it doesn't power on ATX-PS and SKR1.4T. Actually to me it looks that the button to power on my ATX-PS doesn't react to my mouse at all.

To make everything to work again as expected, I have to restart Octoprint service. In some cases I can see also Octopi kernel throwing error messages on terminal, and I have to restart Octopi.

I'm going to search log files for any hints, but I wanted to ask also here, if there would be any known solution to my problem, or any hints what could cause this behaviour.

I guess it's a power related problem.
Did you set the vdd/usb jumper on the skr to vdd?
Is the pis psu sufficient?

I did set jumper to VDD. I've 650W PSU.


I found out that I connected accidentally my relay board COM to +12V, not to GND as it was before the changes. I indeed had to do some rewiring during the update and I inadvertently connected COM wrongly. So, in my case the relay board has to be connected like PS-ON to NO and GND to COM, and in enclosure plugin setup GPIO to active low.

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Great! Could you please:

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