OctoPrint-ETA Blank in web console

Hi There.

I have been playing with Octo print for the last few weeks and I love what functions it gives me for my Ender 3 Pro.

I installed the Display ETA "OctoPrint-Display-ETA" plugin and for some reason, I don't get the ETA on the web console but do on the machine display

what I see in the web console

what I see on the printer display

I have spent a few days googling this but can't seem to find a solution that works. It seems most people are using OctoPrint on a raspberry pi and don't seem to have an issue it just seems to work.

Any ideas what might be going on?

Setup - OctoPrint installed on Windows 8.1 machine connected to the printer via USB and printer running stock firmware

Thanks, Nick

Which OP-, ETA-and Python-Version do you use?
Did you look into the octoprint.log file?

I'm using the following

Python: 2.7.14
OctoPrint: 1.3.12
Display ETA: 1.0.2

Yes I've taken a look through the logs and I see the following

2020-03-24 01:00:43,888 - octoprint.server.heartbeat - INFO - Server heartbeat <3
2020-03-24 01:03:03,443 - octoprint.printer.standard - ERROR - Exception while sending print progress to plugin octoprint_eta
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "c:\octoprint\venv\lib\site-packages\octoprint\printer\standard.py", line 236, in call_plugins
plugin.on_print_progress(storage, filename, progress)
File "c:\octoprint\venv\lib\site-packages\octoprint_eta_init_.py", line 42, in on_print_progress
self.eta_string = self.calculate_ETA()
File "c:\octoprint\venv\lib\site-packages\octoprint_eta_init_.py", line 30, in calculate_ETA

But I'm still getting my head around Python and not sure where to start looking. I have taken a look through the gcode console and can see ETA code being generated, but not sure what "Display ETA" uses M117 or M73 to bring this information to the web console


I'm not sure what I'm missing, thoughts?

Thanks for your assistance


Please attach the full log, because you didn't show the full "stacktrace/error-message"
There is something wrong formatting the time

strtime = format_time(finish_time)

....I also installed the plugin and I could reproduce the bug: reason local is not set.
I added the following environment LC_ALL=de_DE.utf-8 and now it is working.

You should raise this issue in the plugin git-repository....or try DisplayLayerProgress :wink:

Thank you for your reply

Attached is most of the log from the 27/03/2020 to 30/03/2020 (I cut this down due to the size)
octoprint_30032020.log (3.2 MB)

I have installed the Display Layer Progress plugin and it works great for the ender display but I don't get an ETA in the web browser

I've never raised an issue on git hub but will take a look at the process

Thanks for your assistance