OctoPrint for off-line automatisation

Good afternoon, I was advised this service to automate processes between off-line devices, but I see that the site deals with printers, and at the same time there are some questions about the sites, could someone explain if this service can help me or not ?

Hey @blantown!
I'm not completely clear what you are referring to with 'this service', 'the site deals with printers' and the 'questions about the sites'?

OctoPrint is software that controls 3D Printers, making the interface available via a web UI. You can see more about what it can do at https://octoprint.org

I'll try to explain what I need, the fact is that for the task that I described, the developer told me that he would implement it using the API of your site, and when I got acquainted, I see that https://octoprint.org is engaged in 3D printing.

The task is to control the broadcast that goes to the video mixer, on our website - https://1x-rate.com/, there is broadcast and analytics of sports events, but some broadcasts come in several (5-15) streams, and we need to start training the neural network with examples of events so that the mixer gives streams on which the event occurs. And, once again, the developer said that he can implement such automation using the api from https://octoprint.org.

The developer is either wrong or you misunderstood something.

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So I will look for a solution further, thanks anyway.

Yeah, there is not even an API at https://octoprint.org available, so seems something has gone wrong there. More so, OctoPrint itself controls 3D printers, doesn't go near broadcasting or streaming!