OctoPrint for SLA (resin) 3D printers?

Hi, is there a possibility to control any SLA (resin) printer with OctoPrint? If it is, is there a list of supported resin 3D printers?


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I am afraid SLA printers aren't supported.
Maybe someday in the future but I wouldn't wait for it.

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Thanks for a quick answer. Is there any alternative to OctoPrint for SLA printers?

No idea - sry.

Afaik they don't even got a standardized protocol and every manufacturer does their own thing.

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evtl https://www.nanodlp.com/


Is this absolutely certain? I know that the Panopoly Moai uses gcode generated by Cura. I don't see why it would be fundamentally impossible to host that gcode from OctoPrint.

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Tbh I don't know how laser based sla printers work.
If it's really just gcode then it could work with octoprint.
But I guess they got completely different serial input and output compared to fdm printers. For example there is no hotend.

The cheaper lcd based models use pictures for each layer and that wouldn't work at all.

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Awesome, thanks!

update: unfortunately most of the printers that are supported are not available from original manufacturers and for last 3 years seams that no new printers have been added

That is good to know! If SLA printer is using gcode that is excellent first step, but then we need to know it they allow for printer to be controlled over serial (usb over serial) connection.

Also if they have open source firmware that we can inspect that would be a great as well so even if this feature is missing community or some external developer can do it even if original company is not interested to do it.

this looks rather promising, it works(for me) but still in early development https://github.com/luizribeiro/mariner


Thanks, this looks awesome!