OctoPrint GCode System Commands

Hi there,
I have problems getting my scripts to work. I want to control my 433Mhz LightSwitch with some System Commands.
So I created two OCTO commands:
OCTO100 - /home/pi/scripts/stoplight.sh
OCTO101 - /home/pi/scripts/startlight.sh

Script content of startlight.sh:

sudo /home/pi/raspberry-remote/send 11111 2 1

and stoplight.sh is similar.

Each time I get the error 126, whether I use sudo in the script or not.

I know that if I use the send command directly attached to the OCTOXXX command it works, but not when it's called by script.
Is there a "workarround" ? I want some other things to happen in this script. That's why I'm asking.