Octoprint + Geeetech Aluminum Prusa i3

Here's mine. It's an upgraded Geeetech Aluminum Prusa i3. I'm running it on my workbench now but thanks to Octoprint, it's fully capable of running anywhere. The Sanguinololu driver board in this printer is pretty archaic and doesn't even have support for a cooling fan so I setup a GPIO-driven fan off of an OctoPrint menu option as well as an LED light strip and an out of filament sensor.


Nice! Is the filament sensor hooked up through a plugin or directly to the printer controller?

Thanks. Through the Filament Sensor Reloaded plugin. The printer board doesn't support any kind of external goodies so OctoPrint allows me to run accessories of all kinds.

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aolshove please I need help... I've the same geeetech..but I've a problem..thanks!

You may open a new thread in Get Help with all required information. This is Showcase. To get help here is quite minor.

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