OctoPrint has adopted a Code of Conduct

I know that the OctoPrint community is open, friendly, and welcoming. I want to make
sure everyone else knows it too.

This is why as of today the OctoPrint project has officially adopted a Code of Conduct (CoC).

I don't believe this will mean any large changes for y'all - the CoC was specifically chosen as it does a great job at describing how the OctoPrint community already conducts itself. I expect most of you to simply continue to behave exactly in the same awesome way as you have for years :heart:

But due to recent events I found it necessary to formalize the rules that are to be followed in official OctoPrint spaces, which in practice include the OctoPrint Github projects (including issue trackers), these here community forums, the Discord server, the IRC channel, or any of the official social media outlets.

For further information please see the CoC FAQ on octoprint.org and the CoC itself.

Continue to be excellent to each other :slight_smile: