Octoprint in a K8s pod with socat

I recently decided to move Octoprint into a K8s pod and connect to my printer via socat. This is how I do it: https://github.com/elronzo/octoprint-k8s-socat

Feedback welcome!

That's an interesting approach. Seems like you could use the NetworkPrinting plugin on the OctoPrint side.

I've already noticed that plugins like that existed. That particular one hasn't had any changes for the last 3 years. That's why I wanted to have an approach that is independent from any plugins and uses the latest octoprint docker image.

@elronzo, What do you have as the printer host for you setup? Is it a Pi, something else?

In my case it is a Pi 4 which is part of a K3s cluster.
(The K3s cluster provides HA for my smarthome setup, i.e. FHEM, HA, zigbee2mqtt, ... And as the cluster was up and running I decided to put octoprint also onto it.)

it may not have had updates in that long simply because it just works for what it does.

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That might, of course, be true. But as I stated I is not the way I wanted to go.