OctoPrint in the news (ongoing thread)


Feel free to post mentions to octoprint here. A big example is the MagPi article:



Coverage of the OctoRemote that is on Kickstarter:


Hackaday: evaluating Pi performance for slicing:


Hackaday: Reviewing three options for remotely controlling your OctoPrint-based printer:


@FormerLurker's octolapse:


Hackaday, again:


A couple weeks ago Tom Sanladerer visited and did an interview with me in my home office.



Nice to hear another pronunciation of your last name :slight_smile: Watching now.


Maybe I should start saying at the start of every OctoPrint On Air :wink:


I hear you say it all the time :slight_smile:

Also, that's a great picture of you looking relaxed in the thumbnail vid.


What a great interview!

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Not really news, but a mention of OctoPrint in a Yet Another 3D Printer Kickstarter(tm). It's given in first-person:

But I can also work thanks to the software Cura of origin I am even compatible with Octoprint (an add on is even in preparation for that but silence is a secret ...)

Wow! A plugin!


I was going to say "wow, a sentient printer".


A Raspberry Pi enclosure, Desk or all mount . Compact / sturdy
With an " Octopi " lid Just posted on thingiverise. Worth looking at.

Link in youtube Label to this thing.


Not sure if it counts as news, but here's the actual link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3434542