Octoprint-Influxdb plugin not populating data

I wasn't sure if I should ask this here or in general help since I am not the author. In any case, I have been having some problems with incomplete prints (printing air randomly) and I thought one possible issue could be hotend temperature possibly dropping off. I figured the best way to determine if temp was out of wack would be to look at the temperatures but unless I babysit the print I won't be able to see when the temp issue happens (if it is happening). The influxdb plugin looks like the perfect way to log temperatures and other stats as the print goes so I installed.

It looks like it is installed correctly as it has all of the features I'd expect in the config menu. I set it up to connect to my RPi4 I'm running Influxdb 1.8.10 on. That system logs sensor data I am collecting from a different RPi3 so I know that database is solid. When I look in Chronograf I can see that the plugin generated the database structure but it does not seem to populate any data. I asked on the github for the plugin but it hasn't had any activity in 3 years so not looking promising. If anyone is using this plugin and has some insight I'd much appreciate any thoughts.

EDIT: Oh, and I do see that there is a plugin available for Influxdb 2 but I don't think that works on 32 bit systems so I'd have to redo my RPi4 setup. I'd rather not completely change a working setup that I use for other things just to get this debug working temporarily.

I've been printing all day and have yet to see anything in the Influxdb database. Either the plugin doesn't work for me, or it doesn't work anymore. Not sure but kinda given up on it since I resolved what I needed it for.

Why do you think it won't work on 32 bit?
I can't find anything in the descriptions in the plugin repo or on gitlab.

I would just try it.
Remember to copy the folder as mentioned in the manual.

I'm not saying the plugin won't work on 32 bit. I'm saying influxdb2 used to require 64 bit. Whether it does or not is immaterial though because i already have an influxdb 1.8 system running stable and and i really dont want to tear it all down for this plugin.