OctoPrint On Air #15

Topics in this episode which was recorded on March 17th:

  • Work towards 1.3.7 & 1.4.0
  • The new community forum is live!
  • Q&A session, among other things touching on
    • my refactoring and rewriting approach during development,
    • granular permissions (incl. a demo of the new permission system to be released with 1.4.0),
    • OctoPrint’s web framework

Full contents with jump marks available in the YouTube description.

You can find all public past episodes in the OctoPrint On Air Playlist.

OctoPrint On Air is a roughly monthly live broadcast done by me (Gina Häußge) for all Patrons on the Patreon campaign pledging at the $5 perk or above. Attendees can ask questions which will be answered on air and I also report what’s been going on in the background, what happened, what the current challenges are and what the near future holds, plus talk about whatever else might be interesting in the world of OctoPrint.

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Going back through the video to get some links for answering questions and halfway through seeking through the third or fourth time, it dawns on me to see the full description which has time links to each question. :laughing: oops.

Someone noticed them! :hugs:

I've been doing those jump marks for all published videos do far, and I always curse myself for doing it since it takes ages :joy:

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I skipped through the video twice at double speed before I realized the "machine learning" question was RIGHT at the end. I thought - hmm, this is something I could contribute and then as I started the comment my brain finally said "hey, it says Show more up there." :man_facepalming:

Hey all!
Is end_of_filament sensor for Creality 10S taken into considaration? I really wish to have that one included...

Best reagards and thx for great great job with Octo!!

Just now watching this. I really appreciate these streams.