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OctoPrint On Air #45

Topics in this episode of OctoPrint On Air, which was recorded on May 19th:

Full contents with jump marks available in the YouTube description.

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Just want to wish you all the best! Stay strong! :slight_smile:


Hi Gina,
Would it be possible to fix the sorting order of the Octoprint On Air YouTube playlist? I use PodSync to make podcasts out of YouTube playlists and itโ€™s not detecting #45 as its at the bottom with older episodes. Thank you!

Huh, the sorting order is configured correctly, YouTube seems to have a serious hiccup :thinking:

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Iโ€™ve just checked, the order is correct now. Thanks! :+1:
Home Assistant have the same issue with one of their playlist too, funnily enough.

I reordered it manually, let's see if #46 will end up at the bottom again or what... It's really weird :sweat_smile:

Great update, appreciate the honesty! Please be encouraged that you are not alone, lots of people are just waiting for the right way to contribute back to the community!

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