Octoprint on HP Mini 2140 vs RPi3?



I found a guy who sells an Hp mini 2140 (Intel Atom N270 Processor 1.60GHz , 2GB Ram) for about the same price a RPi3, even a couple of dollars cheapper. It seems like a good choice since I would get a kind of UPS (laptop battery), screen, keyboard/touchpad, Wifi and I could just install any linux distro to setup octoprint.

I own an old 256MB Raspberry Pi, I have read it has low performance for Octoprint at the same level or even lower than the not recommended Pi0, would it still be a better choice to get the RPi3 for octoprint or the netbook would be a better choice?

I found this paper about an N270 vs Cortex-A53, however I can't understand the implications of this information regarding octoprint.

I am not looking for energy efficient or easy of install, I am interested in better performance, I installed octoprint on an Core i5 laptop running ubuntu server just to check if I could have any issues with installing, however I can't use this laptop to run the printer)


It depends :smiley:

compared to each other they are relatively even.
some things are a little better. on the pi other on the intel.

I doesn't know if octoprint takes advantages off multiprocessor setups.
for how much can you buy it?

When you buy a good set in germany you have to pay around 70€.
So the Pi isn't really cheap.


I have an old laptop here that I’m not using, I just preferred the pi because it’s size, that I could easily integrated in my printer setup.


that's the issue, getting the RPi3 is about $50 for me, that netbook is about $34.


I think for $34 it is a no brainer.
When you use only 1 printer with a c270/c310 cam it is a nice setup.


I routinely watch my Conky TFT interface and I'm sure that it's using all four cores.

I don't know, but if I were thinking of going off-brand for a replacement Raspberry Pi 3B, I think I'd look at the Raspberry competitors within that same space.


The NanoPi M4 looks very good, and it is open source not as the raspberry pi which is mostly closed source.

thx for the link


Well, I just bought the laptop, it should arrive by saturday in the morning, I will report everything here, I have never used Octoprint, what could be a good "stress test", I mean, I will attach a camera to make timelapses and RT monitoring, is there any specific model I can print to check the performance?


round shapes with many points are getting mostly every printer down :wink:


Has been a long time since I posted this, I have been using the pc since then. It is working without any issues, the main problem was configuring the wifi driver in Linux, I installed archlinux.

My longest run has been ~12 hrs, I am using mjpg-streamer (in yuv format) with a cheap usb webcam I had laying around for timelapses and monitoring with Telegram-bot. The only issue is the power consuption, it is not high but it is more than a raspi (about 15W) but the advantage is I can use my UPS only for the printer and the laptop directly to a power socket, in the case of power outage the laptop battery works.

Picture of HTOP while printing:

Processor varies from low to medium usage


yeah when you have more printers in the future it becomes more and more eco.