Octoprint on Libre Potato?

Has anyone ever run Octorprint on a Libre Potato? Like Octopi?

Given the alternatives, I probably wouldn't invest the money. The link to their forum appears to be a dead link.

On the image download page, they do have one for Raspbian Desktop. It's some unknown image from Jun 25, 2019 but we don't know what's in it. It might be Buster or Stretch or who knows? This isn't the way to support a board.

Thanks, I bought the board as a lark, thinking I could create a nice Android desktop computer for the kitchen. It seams they only support Android TV which is severely limited.

Oh well glad they don't cost too much.

Depending upon the amount of RAM, you could use it for a few things. You might also turn it into a dedicated webcam server.

I would install Armbian (the buster image).
Then I would try to install octoprint with the help of the raspberry guide and maybe a bit of the rock64 armbian guide.

With a bit tinkering and the help of google you should get it working :slight_smile:

Not to get confused:

You meant OctoPrint?

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Of course :smiley:
I corrected my post. Thanks for pointing it out

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