Octoprint on multiple printers

I got 2 printers with each their Raspberry Pi 4B with a webcam.
I can only open one with http://octopi.local.
How can I open both the same time?


Hello @Flames !

Either you connect to them via the IP address or you change the name of one of the RasPis

Do you mean the login on Octoprint? ThenI probably gave them the same name ...

Not the login of OctoPrint. That is for security purposes.

It's the way you connect to the RasPi via the browser's address line.
The name by default is octopi.local.
You can change it as described in the link in my last post to eg. creality.local

Sorry, dint know that was a link :wink:
I just tried it and it worked :slight_smile:
Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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