Octoprint on Prusa 3D i3 MK3 with and without MMU2?

Until now I have had a 3D printer with WiFi access out of the box but with Prusa 3D i3 MK3 I have to use something like Octoprint to make this happens.

I want to use a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and a Logitech HD Webcam C525 as camera.

What do I need to do in my Prusa 3D settings to make it listen to USB interface?


You don't have to do anything to the Prusa printer. Stick a USB cable into the top of its control box and into the Pi. You can slice your files to gcode, then upload those to Octoprint. You can even save a step if you are using Slic3r PE, but you may as well get it working first.

It works with and sans MMU2; I've noticed with the MMU2 there is much less feedback than I'd like, so you don't know if the MMU2 is barfing on filament. But the MMU2 has a very shallow learning curve anyhow. If you haven't used your Prusa yet, leave the MMU2 kit in the box for a month or two or three.

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I have used 3D printers but not Prusa printers so I'll take the advice and leave the MMU2 in the box until I get BFF with my new printer :wink: