OctoPrint on RISC-V (StarFive VisionFive2)

Hey All,

I just got OctoPrint built, and installed last night on a StarFive VisionFive2 SBC, and it looks like everything works good so far! I have to wait for my printer (Creality Ender 3 V2) to finish a job before I can hook it up to the VF2, and I will post more after further testing on this. Just wonder what to call this thing - OctoPRISC, OctoPRISC-V? I open to suggestions here! :wink: Hardware info for this VF2 can be found here: HW probe of System on chip Computer #f07d0fd264

Well, today that print (it's a BIG one) is still going like the Energizer Bunny on my Raspberry Pi based OctoPi, and I decided to take this "down time" for the VF2, and add a camera, so that I can test the time lapse performance and do more "real world" load testing of this system. In doing so, I discovered that the spare Raspberry Pi Camera v2.1 that I had laying around and installed to the VF2 is not working with OctoPrint. For that matter, it didn't work with ffmpeg, gstreamer, or v4l either.

After tinkering with it a bit, I came to the conclusion that (I think) it has to do with the device tree files (DTB and DTBO) files for the PiCam not being included with this SBC, so I'm gonna tinker with that, and see if I can get this thing to work. Talk about Frankenstein-ing stuff together. The specs (and other stuff) for this particular camera can be found here: GitHub - rellimmot/Sony-IMX219-Raspberry-Pi-V2-CMOS: Sony IMX219 Raspberry Pi V2 CMOS Datasheet and Source Code

Ok, I got the answer today right from the horses mouth, please see: [v3,0/9] Add Starfive Camera Subsystem driver - Patchwork Looks like the functionality of this particular camera (or the CSI camera bus on the board, for that matter) won't be available for the VF2 until the 6.3 kernel. I will probably roll my own kernel waaay before the 6.3 release, so I will re-post here when I do, and try to provide the "new goodness" for anyone interested...

Have a great day, Everyone! :wink:


You can of course call it however you want - I just wanted to mention that OctoPi isn't the name of a Pi with OctoPrint installed, but rather the name of the image (img file) :slight_smile:

Gotcha! Now I know :wink:

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