Octoprint plugin for choosing different sheets?

I'm using a Prusa MK3 printer, and on the printer itself I can create and save profiles for different built plates/sheets. Does anyone know if there's a way to choose which print sheet to use from within Octoprint?

What's the differences in settings? I assume you could create multiple printer profiles within OctoPrint for the different sheets, other than that I am not aware of a plugin that has any form of "sheet management".

The difference is in the z-offset. The powdered plate is a bit thinner

@buckeyestargazer: As long there is no gcode command for that, it could be hard to implement

Doesn't M851 do that?

Could do, but on the Prusas, the are stored values, so that you just select e.g. Smooth plate, or Textured plate:

Yes, the difference is the Z offset. It's not a big deal to change the plate on the Prusa itself. The issue is remembering to do so. For example, I like the Filament Manager plugin because it forces me to make sure I'm using the correct filament for the job. I was looking for something like that with the sheets.