Octoprint Power control with debian

There is no need to make this more complicated than it needs to be. We would do it just like before Octoprint...no raspi or octoprint needed.

What controller does your printer have? You can feed it external power via the USB port or other board pins

If you have open I/O pin, then assign that one to be PS_ON pin.

As long as the controller is on, then issuing an M80 gcode will trigger that pin and if you have a 5V relay to control the main board power, it will trigger.

Something like this- Amazon.com

Look at reprap.org forums for RAMPS PS_ON for more ideas.


Is there an option out there to run the Backup to a regular SAMBA Windows share?

Sorry, did not find in the OctoPrint repository:

I do have Samba on all my pi's & Octo is via this:-
Octoprint – Add samba and share the watched folder | Alex's Local User Insights (wordpress.com)

Catch is I don't have an Automation to transfer the backups.
Might just do something via Win's Task Scheduler.

There's enough PC's & NAS's floating around here that using Cloud Services is a last option.

you could just use a regular copy command if the samba share is mounted. Use the event manager and the backup plugin event. Something like this:

@RufusVS, FYI I've switched from fans to these, and the CPU's on my six Pis run between 34C and 39C.

As much as I do all my stuff on the cheap, this may be worth the investment, considering that fan is the major noisemaker in my office! Thanks!

You're welcome. Noise, and eventually failure, is why I dislike fans.

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