Hello everyone,

I can see the PrintTimeGenius here OctoPrint-PrintTimeGenius and it was also shown in some news (the ones that popup on starting Octoprint if there are any news), but I cant find it in the plugin manager on OctoPrint : 1.3.10

I installed it "manually" by using the URL https://github.com/eyal0/OctoPrint-PrintTimeGenius/archive/master.zip but maybe a appearance in the plugin listing would be helpful for others :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for all the great work Gina (I know you workaholic will read this :smiley: )


Seems fine here


Thanks for you quick reply... but this I weird...

Any ideas how to update the list?
If i check for updates, everything is a the latest state...


I did an "reload list from repository" and restarted octoprint, but no change:


Working fine on my raspberry pi based octoprint as well. Even tried switching language to german to see if that made a difference, it didn't. Now... to figure out which one of the settings is the language setting to change it back when I can't read german :stuck_out_tongue:

You absolutely sure you're running 1.3.10? That plugin has a minimum version requirement by the looks of it, only thing I can think of is a version mismatch error.


I wonder if the language difference is somehow involved here.


Thanks for the help so far guys...
I am pretty sure I am on 1.3.10 :wink:

So... well... any ideas?
Since I installed PrintTimeGenius (and at the same time "OctoPrint-Display-ETA (1.0.2)") I cant even print any more.
OctoPrint-Display-ETA was installed by the Plugin Manager and OctoPrint-PrintTimeGenius by entering the URL...


EDIT: Disableing the OctoPrint-Display-ETA plugin at least made my printer print again.
So I can do further tests in 18h :smiley:


Make sure to visit the OctoPrint-Display-ETA repository to open up an issue (assuming there isn't already one).


Sounds like something might be jacked up, you might want to try a manual reinstall of octoprint.


I read it, but only today after returning from my vacation :wink:


No hurry!

I will probably do a fresh install and check if this problem still exists.
Meanwhile I will keep everything as it is and wait for your response I if should test something first (in case you want to know what causes this problem).

The main functions of Octoprint are working so its not very time critical to fix :slight_smile:

Hope your vacations have been nice :wink:


Did you try to uncheck "Nur uninstallierte Plugins anzeigen" and "Nur kompatible Plugins anzeigen". Make this any difference?
In my "german" configuration everythings works fine

Firewall-/Network Issue? Did you check the log-files?