Octoprint runing orangepi&nanopi,bananpi

Hello, everyone. I am from China. Octoprint is a good way to print control. In early 2015, I found him on GitHub and looked at it carefully. But my English level is not good enough, so the progress is slow. Before I did the language package sinicization, we also set up QQ group, I hope you can communicate with us more.

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这个是我自己部署在orangepi 上面的。

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Hi, @nerfg. Looks like Mandarin to me.

I'm familiar with the orangepi. @neilblue here is working on some development in this area.

Looks like you have all the standard tabs translated but for plugins, you can't control that text ("Bed Visualizer"). You might try this plugin. It will allow you to replace the tab text with icons instead, then the language doesn't matter so much.



Two of my plugins...and promotion for a third...nice! Is it possible to make plugin names translateable?

Looks like this is the documentation for doing translations in OctoPrint to new languages.

But of course it doesn't include plugins. The underlying storage mechanism appears to be gettext.

$ find . -name *.po turns up these on my install:


I guess if you wanted to internationalize a plugin, you could go to school on Gina's use of gettext and do likewise with maybe your own my_gettext() version perhaps.

zh_CN.zip (80.6 KB)
这个是语言包,汉化工具是poedit you need learn chinese

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The language pack allows translators to go through an existing text file (which includes English) and add the appropriate words for their native language. Once that's put together, a file is created and then saved for others to use, too. I don't believe that OctoPrint has that yet on https://www.transifex.com .


I have created a step by step for octoprint on armbian on orangepi that might be useful

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Or use orangeprint :wink:

cool, I was thinking of making a project like that (since I build these non stop as I mostly use orange's here for my diy work) but good to know it exist :slight_smile: ... I still like making them from scratch since it's quite easy to build the image and setup latest everything :slight_smile: manually (especially as I don't use mjpegencoder)

Thanks for the link, I just updated that wiki page to include link to orangeprint


"Oh, how can I use this? Finally found..."

Update link, please