Octoprint Server Printing Quality

Hi there!

I am having troubles to get a good quality print when using octoprint server comunication. The print quality is okay when using the host via USB connecting my computer to the printer, but when I launch the print through the octoprint-server the quality decreases notably.

I am using a raspberry pi 3B to host the octoprint server and the board of our printer is a Megatronics V3.0 running marlin firmware . Looks like the memory buffer that the boad is capable to process might be involved but I tried to modify some of these features in the marlin with no positive result. Note that I make the connection to the octoprint server via ethernet cable and not wifi.

Here is a picture attached:

In the picture is possible to see that the definition of the layers is quite worse in the server one.

What can I do to improve this? Is it the board or is it the firmware?

I am looking forward to solve it as I would like to add it to our network and manage more than one printer at the same time.

Thanks in advance guys!

PD: In some other printers using ramps 1.4 and wifi connection I didn't have this problem.


You're using the same gcode in both cases?

Are you on version 1.3.10, and does it give you any power warnings?

So, apparently I wasn't running the latest version...updated to 1.3.10, printed one part and the result was totally correct. Just like magic!

Thank you ted!

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Did you saved some logs ? Because it would be cool to see if there were some errors in it ...

Hi Daniel,

I did not save any log for the firs parts I printed, and since I had the problem I described in the first post, I flashed again the octoprint to my rapsberry so I believe those logs are gone.

However I do have the log from today:

octoprint.log (34.9 KB)

I am not sure if this is the log file you need...let me know if this is of any use or whether I am not attaching the file you need. I am not an expert in this field and after looking in my "logging" tab in the setting is what I found.