OctoPrint-Slicer Plugin - DISCONTINUED

I wasn't suggesting that Foosel sabotaged her own work I only offered it as one possible source regardless of how unlikely it would be, you surely can see that its not impossible for Foosel only highly unlikely! Had you have read the comments properly you would have understood that I actually suspected theCura Devs.

And who writes OctoPrint? Let me think... oh, right, me.

The ticket you referenced has nothing at all to do with the Slicer plugin this thread is originally about, nor does it have anything to do with the CuraEngine slicing plugin that used to be bundled. It's related to insufficient throughput over the serial which is a thing that purely happens between the comm layer of OctoPrint and your firmware. The slicer doesn't even factor in there other than that it can produce too many segments that simply cannot be pushed fast enough to the printer to print properly.

The issue you described - something suddenly not working right which used to work, not even on old versions - screams "issues outside of the used software", yet the conclusion you immediately jumped to was crazy conspiracy theories laid down at my feet, the feet of the dev of a completely unrelated plugin or the devs of a popular slicer. You were completely out of line with that behaviour, which is why one of our admins gave you a temporary ban to cool off and think about what you were saying here.

Now, I strongly suggest you do NOT jump back into claiming that random people working on software that is part of your workflow are part of a conspiracy to sabotage said workflow. I can assure you that slander like that will not be tolerated here.

Working on OctoPrint for me means a lot of financial risk, yet I still do it because I love being able to help people with my work. I will not tolerate being the center of someone's paranoia on the forums I pay for myself, on top of everything else.

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Who writes the plugin, wasn't it Kennethjiang ?

Regardless of who wrote it (and again, there are two plugins that are being constantly confused with each other here too, one being a slicer GUI, the other being a specific slicer engine), I recommend to read this again:

@arse your reasoning makes no sense. I personally think you have crossed the line with these wild accusations.

You make it sound like I have insulated your mother or something! Its a little extreme to be deeply offended by someone who suspects foul play! I have come to this conclusion not out of thin air but from using the software and experimenting with it! Speculation isn't normally something that attracts strange antagonistic responses either!

The legacy plugin works fine for me. Business as usual. Thanks, @foosel for providing links to the driver. Keep up the good work!

If you're so passionate about it, why not take over the development of the embedded Cura plugin (engine) then? (Be the change that you wish to see in the world.)

Kenneth didn't see any value in maintaining the ever-increasing Cura updates into the engine. Like myself, he likely just sliced in the stand-alone Cura program itself. If you've ever tried to compile Cura (as I did) you'd find that the development platform for that is insane with dependencies.

OctoPrint really wants more processing power than a Pi Zero (single core) can give, for what it's worth. My own setup looks like this:

  • UPS (makes sure that good 115VAC power is supplied to everything)
    • TP-Link SmartPlug (allows me to toggle the power ON/OFF remotely)
      • Ikea 3-connector power strip (connects multiple connections to a single TP-Link)
        • Power brick for the printer
        • Power adapter for the Raspberry Pi 3B (5V @ 2.5A)

So it's simple enough to remotely turn everything on (or just push the button on the TP-Link). I really love the stand-alone version of Cura (something like v4 now). It's constantly getting new features which make it worthwhile for me.

Feel free to stay on an earlier version of OctoPrint, though. That's certainly your choice.

You came here and speculated that I or someone else was actively sabotaging your setup through a piece of software that I wrote, for unknown gain. You basically insinuated that I at the very least was turning a blind eye to this happening, if not even being outright in bed with the conspirators (because how else could the opt in only tracking plugin whose servers only I control be used as the attack vector?). This is a very strong attack on my reputation and through that on my actual livelihood.

If someone waltzed into your employer's foyer and started screaming that you are stealing from the company without any proof, just because they happened to get rained on on the way there, I'm fairly sure you'd be bloody offended yourself and even consider legal measures.

What you did here is similar in gravity and I'm frankly appalled that instead of finally grasping that wild accusations of a very grave nature against open source devs are completely out of line and at the very least shutting up if you don't apologize, you actually have the nerve to consider me taking offense at that another sign of foul play and further conspiracy.

Stop it.


And you btw also confused the plugins. What was unbundled was my curaengine plugin that actually offered the option to slice through cura, and which lives on as the legacy plugin. The other plugin was the slicer UI one that allowed rotating and such, third party, never bundled and discontinued. They are completely different.

Alright, so:

  1. Cura engine
  2. Slicer UI plugin, presumably the Kenneth-related piece
  3. Plugin within Cura itself which allows people to submit jobs over to an OctoPrint instance, presumably by fieldOfView

If I repeat it enough times I might remember it.

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Firstly, I didn't report you. I silenced you. As it happens, I don't like what your saying or how you're going about saying it, for every reason that @foosel has listed. You came in here in attack mode, and you haven't let up.

I have absolutely no problem with asking questions and speculating, when they don't cross the line into a personal attack on foosel's (or anyone else's) reputation. When I asked you to provide proof of your "findings", you couldn't come up with anything more concrete than saying "Apple does it", and referencing an entirely unrelated issue on github.

This is the last warning from me, if you keep going with it, I will facilitate your permanent departure from these forums.

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Make it:

1a. The legacy CuraEngine (15.04), the slicer which was created by Daid and has not had updates for 4 years now
1b. The Legacy CuraEngine plugin for OctoPrint which is created and maintained by Foosel to run that old version of the CuraEngine from inside OctoPrint, and is now no longer bundled with OctoPrint

The CuraEngine has had substantial updates since 15.04. However, the way an application is supposed to interface with it has been completely changed, and so has the way it handles settings and configurations, so making an OctoPrint plugin that interfaces with newer CuraEngine versions is not trivial.

The Slicer UI plugin also uses the legacy CuraEngine.

PS: The Cura-OctoPrintPlugin, which connects Cura to OctoPrint instances, is by me. Not presumably by me.

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