OctoPrint-Slicer Plugin - DISCONTINUED



Very sad to see that kennethjiang will be discontinuing support for this plugin. Although he states this is because the new Cura release has great support and renders this plugin obsolete...I disagree. I have been using this, albeit "outdated", plugin with great success and ease. The convenience of having a built in slicer (RPi 3) is understated.

It would be great to see someone from the community continue the development of this plugin!


Does the slicer plugin allow you to re-orient the part if it's not right? There are many times when I'll try the part in different orientations until I get the best compromise between adhesion and acceptable appearance (due to the complications of supports sometimes).

To me, it just feels like parts now have grown so much in complexity that slicer advancements are critical to the success of the part.

I will also note that simply attempting to compile the standalone Cura itself is a nightmare. Supporting the underlying engine inside a plugin may involve compiling a fair bit of code if I'm guessing correctly; the toolstack was all over the place (Fortran, really?)


It absolutely does allow you re-orient the part to get a good 3D representation of object on print bed. As well as adjust any essential parameters (temps, speeds, supports, etc). I have crossed referenced my gcode results from this plugin to the most recent Cura engine and rarely find any notable difference.

I will continue to use this plugin until it is no longer supported by OctoPrint.


I also came here to express my sorrow at the loss of this plugin. I run Octoprint via Octopi, and it's supremely convenient to be able to slice in the application without having to involve Cura, slic3r, or any other external application. I'd love it if someone else took over the plugin, but I suspect that's unlikely.


I'd also like to show my support for this plugin, it's tremendously useful and I too will continue to use it until I can't. I don't think I've started Cura in more than a year, Slicer really just does everything I need. I too hope someone takes this over (or the original developer becomes interested again) and would be happy to contribute.

Octoprint without Slicer seems empty and the day it stops working is the day I revert to a previous build of Octoprint and stop updating.