I have installed the SlicerSettingsTab plugin but have so far been unable to get a listing of the gcode file I have in my print queue. The print job was uploaded from Cura and is a gcode file I believe. The Slicer Tab message is "No Slicer Settings" (for this file) so I am assuming the plugin isnt seeing the details of the code. I have installed the Slicer Settings Parser.

Any suggestions please on what I am doing wrong?


It does not look like the OctoPrint-SlicerSettingsParser is very compatible with the way Cura stores setting values in the gcode file.

def get_settings_defaults(self):
		return dict(
			sed_command="/^; .* = .*$/!d ; s/^; \\(.*\\) = \\(.*\\)/\\1=\\2/",

I think it expects things to be in a "something=something\n" format which isn't how the end of a Cura file is formatted. I suppose one could fork and fix.

The problem with Cura's blob at the end is that it chops the lines to a certain length. If your needed value happens to fall on a boundary like this, it might truncate the value.


Thanks for the follow up and information. I think forking the code and trying to correct it for Cura Code is way beyond my capabilities so will leave that to other much cleverer folk.
At least I know its not something silly I am doing:-)