OctoPrint-SystemCommandEditor - Testers needed


I'm looking for some testers for a new version 0.4.0 of my System Command Editor Plugin.
This version is supposed to fix a long standing bug that was able to remove all system commands because of a timing issue.
In addition to fixing this bug I also reworked the UI to be mobile friendly and added an undo / redo feature.

If you like to help test it, please make sure to backup your config.yml file before!

If you did that you can easily install the new version through the plugin manager! It will not show up as an update right now as it is marked as a pre-release.

To install the version go to the plugin manager, hit get more and add:
in the text field below ... from URL and hit install.

If you find any problems or have any suggestions (import and export of settings is on my todo list :wink: )
please open an issue here https://github.com/Salandora/OctoPrint-SystemCommandEditor

Thanks in advance

Might want to remove this part Right-mouse click the section below for available options. because right-click doesn't do anything. From a UI perspective it might be better to split the buttons into a btn-group classed container. The additional +C/+D is a little confusing from a user perspective.


Might want to add note that you can drag/drop for ordering, it's not obvious.

When I was trying to edit there was a duplicate of the same actions created. Maybe related to being re-ordered prior to edit.

Error in developer console.

Trying to edit is giving an error, and the command is wiped from what I originally had added.


On first addition of a command from not having any the whole webpage reloads. I thought that may have been unrelated initially but tried it on my dev box and it did the same.

Command is definitely being cleared on edit.

Thanks for the quick feedback, indeed the btn-group is a very good Idea.
I struggled to come up with something useful myself.

I'm unable to reproduce the javascript console bug, can you reliably reproduce it and maybe give some instructions?

Edit bug related to action must be unique will be fixed next pre-release.
Yep commands get removed because I am not smart.
Okay so you can confirm the webpage reload problem. I'm not sure what is causing it, any ideas?

I'm glad I made it a pre-release. I really need to be more careful again with testing and test things proper...

So looking at your code, you might want to separate out the edit dialog to use an observable of observables. This is how I've done the multiple edit type stuff, like in the Terminal Commands Extended plugin.

I'm curious why you are doing this here?

I don't think that trick above would be necessary if you used knockout bindings, and the method of a embedded observable of observables, that would not be necessary. The button click will pass the array item to the function and you render that into your pop-up.

It's like having an embedded reusable view model inside your view model is the best way I can describe it.

Yeah definitely better.

I have to get rid of the old submit function and attach a new submit function, because otherwise there are multiple functions attached which can lead to the code run multiple times, hard to explain for me.

Probably better to make a function and attach this function once instead of every time.
Or use knockout bindings.

That might also get rid of duplication issue too. Check out the Terminal Commands Extended...it started as taking your original Custom Controls and making it rely more on knockout if I remember correctly.

Sure will check it out, thanks.

Btw something is wrong with sorting too now...
After sorting edit's are not applied anymore I wonder why it was working...

Anyway I'll check into that tomorrow.

I always struggled with making changes to global appearance settings and they don't refresh until after reloading the page, sometime having to force a non-cache refresh. That's why I added a pop-up to the Tab Order plugin.