OctoPrint-TerminalCommands options?

I would really like to have a terminal command for M851 Z -x.xx where I can plug in x.xx somehow. I tried M851 Z 0 thinking I could scroll up in the terminal history and edit the line. But apparently commands from OctoPrint-TerminalCommands don't end up in the history buffer.

Any way I could do this?

Maybe submit a feature request to the plugin's repository in the issue tracker.

Custom controls in config.yaml allow for input options, maybe the plugin author could implement the same.

I was hoping someone could think of a trick, like I tried with a dummy value and editing the line. Now that I think about it, just putting a line in the terminal input line with no return would work. It would only support one option.

I also would kill for multiple lines, another enhancement. I will post a request on the repo.

I'm a programmer by trade. I used python for years, although not recently. Maybe a pull request is in order.

I was also working on an "Extended" version of that plugin, based on the buttons I'm adding to the BedLevelVisualizer project. Adds buttons to the Terminal tab with icons and such. Adding in the parametric input options like the Custom Controls does is something I plan to integrate as well at some point, but keeping up with issues and my normal 9-5 keeps me pretty busy lately.

I just released an update to my Terminal Commands Extended plugin that adds the option for input parameters. That functionality will probably makes it's way back into the BedLevelVisualizer plugin.

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