Octoprint turned off my filament sensor?

Hi all,

I recently got octoprint added to my setup. I have an i3 mk3s+ with an MMU2s, and I’m using a raspberry pi zero 2 for octoprint. I let a print go on its own to test the timelapse feature using the octolapse plugin, and when I came back the print had failed. The printer was continuing like it was printing, but the end of the filament was several centimeters from the hot end. I verified that the filament sensor is reading correctly. Any idea what happened here?

What firmware version is your Prusa running? From what I can gather from a quick search, 3.10+ have host action commands, however, they might not be sending the //action:pause command for filament runout, just for pressing the actions on the display... For OctoPrint to pause the print, it needs to be told to do so - it's not magic. So if there is no information sent out by the printer then there will be no pause.

I'm on the latest firmware. Is there any way to get the behavior you mentioned?

@Charlie_Powell I don't own a Prusa but I believe you are correct. I seem to remember that some users on Prusa board report correct operation.

I wonder if the MMU is causing the problem?