OctoPrint v.2.0


Where can I see progress / ideas for OctoPrint v2.0?

I couldn't find anything here or on GitHub.

You can already use them:



There is the start of a milestone on GitHub but otherwise there are not many things planned yet. There are a few things that need to be removed (such as this), then the new communication layer will be added, and possibly a new UI - but that one is a lot of work and it wouldn't be the default to start with, as it would certainly break compatibility with all plugins.

I’ve planned some contributions and wanted to check to not reinvent the wheel.

In general I wouldn't worry about OctoPrint 2.0 - if there's any contributions you have that are larger, you can always open an issue or ask in the OctoPrint discord server (#dev- channels), or even post here to ask a question, though the discord server is better for a chat. OctoPrint 2.0 is still a reasonably long way off.