Octoprint with TouchUI - question

Hi. I'm pretty new to the whole 3D printing and PIs. I've been producing the MakerMask respirators (www.makermask.com) with a lot fo success on my printer. I saw Octoprint on YouTube and decided to buy the bits and install it all. I bought a RPI 4 Model B, a Pi camera V2.1 and an Adafruit 3.5" touchscreen TFT. I installed TouchUI and I've got everything up and running with Octoprint.
So far so good.

What I've found frustrating is that if I select something from the very bottom of the Octoprint screen I end up on an external web page in a browser. However, there seems no way to get back to Octoprint. Specifically, there are no web navigation controls present and there seems to be no way to get back to Octoprint.

I'm sure there must be some simple way of doing this but I cannot see it. If anyone could help out I'd be really grateful.

TouchUI is a plugin that will, based on the size of the client's screen, display an alternate user interface optimized for the smaller screen. It can only do this for pages which it serves directly. Links to external locations will get displayed as regular web pages (unless that server also reacts to the screen size of the client).

I don't have a touchscreen but on my Android phone, the "back" button works. Perhaps someone on the Adafruit forums can help.


may I ask you which setup guide you used? I try to do the same in your exact configuration and I always fail at some point installing GUI and Touchui

Many thanks in advance !

Hi. I'm not sure what you mean by "setup guide". My recollection was that I installed touch ui as a plug-in on Octoprint and it just installed everything automatically. Similarly for the most recent update. If you want any specific information I will happily get it for you. I've not done anything special on my raspberry pi other than install the Octoprint image and the Adafruit software for the touch-screen.

I've also got the issue reported by others with the more recent TouchUI release that many of the on-screen buttons are missing. For example if I select to cancel the print - the cancel/confirm buttons do not appear. This makes most of TouchUI unusable. I haven't used the printer for the last 10 days so don't know if there's been a more recent release.