Octoprint won't restart if more than one process is active

Can we get some help with an issue with the plugin Octoprint-RGB_status documented here

Basically, the plugin creates a process to run the effects in, and uses Octoprint's on_shutdown() to stop the process to shutdown Octoprint gracefully. However, when the server is restarted using sudo service Octoprint restart or the button (same thing) it fails to shutdown and then can't restart as it didn't stop properly.

From my investigations (And I'm not an expert) the process created by the plugin to run the effects intercepts the stop command and stops itself, but this doesn't stop Octoprint. Using systemd, to stop/restart it times out waiting and eventually kills Octoprint with force. Managed to test with command line and watching PIDs, and using ctrl-C to stop it from Octoprint serve required two attempts, first said it stopped effect process, second Octoprint

Does anyone know of a way to stop this from happening, or to pass some kind of 'shutdown' back to Octoprint? It's incredibly inconvenient to reboot all the time, and makes it hard for users