OctoRelay plus input switch?

I use OctoRelay to control power to my printer. In addition to the button it puts in the OctoPrint UI, I'd really like to have a physical button for occasions where the UI isn't handy (typically so I can heat the print end to remove or replace my filament). I imagine I could write a script to handle the input (I don't see a plugin that can toggle power on button press), but ideally I'd like it to work with OctoRelay such that OctoRelay doesn't think the printer is still turned off if I press the physical button.

Any way to do what I want in an OctoRelay friendly way (or using another plugin)?

Hello @TheShanMan !

You may have a look on this:

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Yeah, maybe I need to try that one. It doesn't say it has buttons in the UI like OctoRelay unless I just missed it somehow. But hopefully it has both methods of control. Thanks.

You can also have UI features too.

Finally had the chance to install this and wire up a button this morning. Works great! The only tiny gripe is I like the interface for OctoRelay better, where the OctoPi interface shows buttons for each output rather than Enclosure's drop down menu, and OctoRelay has the option to confirm when you hit the button (so you don't accidentally turn off printer power while printing), although to be fair, that's not as relevant when you have to take 2 steps to toggle the output anyway. Now to design and print a mount for my button! :smiley:

Thanks for your replies, @Ewald_Ikemann !

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