Octoscreen plugin not installed error

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I installed Octoprint for the first time and everything was ok. Today when I was checking the printer my background color is green with the following messages in the system section: Octoprint 1.5.3, Octoscreen 2.6.1 and Octoscreen plugin not installed.

Does anyone have any ideea how I can fix this issue?

Do you have the Octoscreen plugin installed?


Can you post the octoprint.log?



That is not particularly useful in that form... I mean the contents of the file - that's just a screenshot of the place you can get the files. Download it, and then upload it here. You can use the attach file button (image ) to do this.

octoprint.log (1.1 MB)

done, thank you.

According to this log, something (probably Octoscreen) attempts to auto connect to the printer every 10s, and at some point that then even make OctoPrint no longer be able to create a new thread (probably because the autodetection threads keep adding up or something).

Try this: Connect a printer, restart your Pi. See what happens then. It might be unrelated, but the flood of could not create thread in your log certainly isn't encouraging and should get ruled out first.

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Yeah OctoScreen is one of these 'spam the serial port until it does something' plugins - however, I don't see the OctoScreen plugin installed. You can get that here:

Z-Bolt/OctoPrint-Z-Bolt-OctoScreen: Plugin provides settings management for OctoScreen (github.com)

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thank you, I solved the problem with the plugin by installing the OctoScreen plugin again. Not sure if the issue with the green background is from Shim Fan, I still have this green background

issue with green screen was fixed after I have disabled the background script for Fan Shim:
sudo systemctl stop pimoroni-fanshim.service
sudo systemctl disable pimoroni-fanshim.service

This script was useful because turned the fan on only when it was necessary