OctoSlack - how do get it to work



I have installed the plug-in "OctoSlack" and I am trying to get it work - but nok luck, in there any one in this forum that can guide me...?


I tried OctoSlack and Slack - ran into some problems getting OctoSlack working, honestly don't remember what they were since I was able to get the Slack plugin working without any troubles, so I uninstalled octoslack. If I remember, it looks like OctoSlack has more features so I can understand wanting to go that route instead, but it's an option.


Thx, I got it to work when I installed the correct plug-in called "Bots" and from there it work smoothly

but it wasn't clear in the description what the steps that are necessary to get it to work


Oh yeah, I didn't realize it had a dependency on something else.