OctoTouchController - Dedicated Android App for older devices

A dedicated touch screen controller for Octoprint supporting older Android phones / tablets (Android 4.X and above)

** Project Purpose **

Reclaim those old Phones / Tablets that are sitting around that DO NOT have access to the Google store anymore. This is not a replacement for the Octoprint UI but a way to add a touch screen to your printer using old Android hardware. Find an old phone / tablet, print a holder for it and add it to your printer!


Been working on this for a few months and I think its ready for some Beta testing. Please post bugs back on GitHub.

jakebullet70/OctoTouchController: Dedicated touch screen Octoprint UI for older Android phones / tablets (github.com)

Note - I live in a part of the world that right now is having MAJOR internet issues so forgive me ahead of time if I do not reply in a timely fashion.


I like that very much

Good job!

May I suggest that you just use C instead of ØC if °C isn't working?

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Yeah, your right. On my list. :wink:

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Looks like a useful project, thanks. I was also going to add the suggestion to use the degrees symbol, not the diameter symbol.

It has been fixed and will be in the Beta 2 release.
Also added control for SonOff devices.

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