OctoVox Plugin for Alexa

Looks like I may have bumped up against a daily email threshold limit on the authentication piece. I'm working to increase this limit so users don't hit this issue in the future.

I'm afraid that the skill is not available in the UK either. Locale settings in the skill maybe?

I would encourage you to find a product specialist on the marketing/management side of things at AWS, state your frustration at the thresholds and arbitrary regionalization of your skill so that they can build a better experience for everyone including the developer.

Thanks @OutsourcedGuru, I have found some information (albeit not very well documented!) that they will perform auto-migration of English skills to other regions automatically unless the skill uses Account Linking in which case they assume that you want to present a customized authorization flow for each region. That may be the case but likely a poor assumption when I have specifically selected the option to distribute in all regions. I'll definitely push to get this worked out!

In the meantime, the Google Action version of OctoVox was just approved and is now in Production, so if anyone uses Google Home devices or the Google Assistant app you should be able to launch the Action by saying "Hey Google, Open My 3D Print Server" or find it HERE.

I would be interested in any feedback from users in other regions of whether or not that works in other regions.

I found them to be a little confused there at Amazon. They would put a new product on the shelves like the Echo Spot and it would then take six months for things in the development API to eventually start to realize that they had a new product to support. I never did revisit that to get the Spot to work; I found that I invested way too much time begging them to upgrade their documentation. It's like the Spot people never talked with the Dot people there and vice versa.

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A couple updates:

Skill Availability
The Alexa Skill should now be available in all English Speaking regions: English (IN), English (AU), English (US), English (CA), English (UK).

I would appreciate if anyone that was previously unable to find Octovox in the search results can confirm if they can now see it. I will still work on getting it into some of the non-English speaking regions soon. If for some reason you can't find it in the Skill Store on the phone, you should be able to enable it for your account via the following links:


E-mail Verification
The e-mail verification process was hitting the daily outbound email limit for the authorization service. I have corrected this so now there should be plenty of headroom to successfully complete the verification.

Later tonight I'm going to remove all accounts that are in an "Unconfirmed" status so that those users can just re-register and complete the process successfully.

Hi, do you think the Italian version will be available?
Do you need help for the localization?
thanks for your work.

Yup. I can see and use the UK version now. :slight_smile:

Other regions than english still don't work? Will it soon? In the meantime I'll uninstall the plugin again. Too bad.
You should state those limitations, so people could see it before installing and registering. Thanks.

Hello @retikulum,

Apologies for the delay in getting this ported to other languages. I've had amazing help from the community creating translations for the requests/responses from Google and Alexa voice assistants and I'm working through the Google/Amazon submission and review processes now to get the alternate language versions into the stores.

German will go first since it was the first translation I received and has been the most requested, followed quickly by Italian and French as I've also gotten great help to get those translations completed. Is there a specific language you are looking for?

Thanks for you quick reply. Great, I didn't know that there's any progress. I'm looking forward to the release.
I need german too, so not more work.
Tell me if you need additional help.

Alexa Skill should be live in the German store now!

I'll be submitting for Google Home in German soon as well, along with French and Italian translations.

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Hi, seems to be a very great job !
But i cannot try it until i m in France... Hope you ll translate it soon in french.
Do you have a date (approximativly) for this ?
Thank you.

@GabmaxXx, I'm pushing hard to get this in both Google and Alexa in French, German, and Italian this weekend, but I'm not sure what the Google/Amazon review teams hours are.

At the very latest it should be mid next-week (Oct 7-10).

Hi there !
Still in progress ?


Unfortunately yes I'm still (sort of) working on this. I have all of the configurations for French and Italian completed for both Google and Alexa, but I overlooked needing translations for the store entries as well as individually translated Privacy Policies and Terms of Use documents for each language.

I'm putting those together and should be able to submit for review very early next week as I'll be out of town for the next few days.

This is definitely a priority and I apologize for the delays!!

You don't have to apologize !!! It's marvellous you can developp this so we don't have to be exigeant !!
Thank you for your hard work :wink:


Gran trabajo el tuyo, pero... para español también seria interesante.

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Hi Johnny,
Still working on french development ?
Hope to see it in next days.... Thank you :wink:

Hi. Account authorisation/linking is failing in the UK, both via Alexa app or via the plugin. Is this because the linking is going via a US auth site?