Odometer in octoprint

Is there a plug-in that tracks the used filament length per day or since a button was pressed.

Similar like the odometers in cars?
Would be nice to have that linked to cost too.

There are a couple of plugins that track filament usage but not exactly in the way you are asking. Look at https://github.com/jasiek/OctoPrint-Cost, https://github.com/imrahil/OctoPrint-PrintHistory, and https://github.com/malnvenshorn/OctoPrint-FilamentManager. There may be others.

You can create a feature request issue on the one you like the best. Some of the above no longer have a active developer so if you don't get a response, you may have to resort to enhancing your favorite on your own or writing your own plugin from scratch.

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Thanks for your response.

I think the history plugin does pretty much what I need.

What a pity that it isn't maintained anymore.

Also unfortunately I'm not a programmer, so will not be able to write a plugin that only provides a odometer.

Maybe someone with this ability see's this idea and wants to implemant such a plugin.

Looks like PrintHistory isn't available in the Plugin Repository. Can't find it there.