Official OctoPrint Merchandise Shops launched!

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been repeatedly asked about a possibility to buy OctoPrint apparel - shirts, hoodies, the usual merch.

Due to some cold related down time recently I finally managed to set two shops up for those of you interested in this, one shipping from the EU, the other shipping from the US. For this I’ve partnered with Spreadshirt. I’ve done my best to have both shops offer the same products (there’s sadly some minor regional variance).

So if you want to show your love for OctoPrint and at the same time also support my work on it a bit, this is your chance! You can find everything in the newly established merchandise section of this page.

🤫 The shop is also launching with a new and so far never before seen design realized by a friend of mine which I hope you find as cool as I do 😊

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I'm super stoked that there is finally OctoPrint merch available! However, I am pretty bummed that of all the color options available for the t-shirts, they don't offer a deep forest green color like the one you are wearing in the Patreon intro video. Is that an option that can be added? Thank you for setting this up for us super-fans!

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I'm kinda miffed myself that Spreadshirt no longer seems to have that in their product range. I will ask them about it, but don't hold your breathe - I'm a small blip on their radar and don't expect that they'll change their lineup just for OctoPrint :wink: