Oiling the filament?

[no octoprint related but only 3d-print, but this is the forum I peruse the most]

I've read several times, even within this forum (so this gives a little legitimacy to post it here :wink:), that someone threads the filament thru a thing to simultaneously clean and oil the filament.

I haven't tried this yet but I wonder about the oil. Wouldn't oil hamper the fusion of the filament? Are there kinds of oil that are beneficial? What is with the adhesion to the bed?

I'm new to 3d-printing and oscillate between it's trivially easy and I'm overwhelmed :crazy_face:.

You may have a look on these:


Thank you, these videos are informative.

I used Canola oil in a designed part. It's basically a wine cork with a hole through it. The PLA passes through that hole and is slightly lubricated with the oil. I found that it's important to oil it as soon as possible to prevent breakage when the PLA gets too-dry.

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PLA breaks when moisture has been absorbed, not when it's too dry. you want it as dry as possible

I'm just telling you what I'm seeing. The printer was next to the heater. The PLA was brittle AF. The canola oil saved my prints.

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