One click 3d printing

Thoughts on One click 3d-printing?

I am curious to read what people think on the concept of one click 3D printing. To my knowledge, MyMiniFactory is possibly the best plugin for printing directly from your smartphone to the printer. However, the automatic slicer from MyMiniFactory tends to use support material where is not necessary to use like in the Benchy. Also, It struggles with more complex designs.

Are there any other approaches so users can upload files from a smartphone without the need of slicing?

I am very interested in this subject

I wouldn't use it.
Most of the time I change a lot of slicer settings depending on the material and object.

What about saving designs in your phone that you already know that do not requiere any changes in the slicer setting. Would be good for on demand printing when the same object is printed multiple times.

Automatic slicers are far from perfect currently, however sending the g code from the phone to a printer should not be that complicated

Ah, you found my plugin for MyMiniFactory. I agree, not being able to control the slicer is not user friendly. You might want to look into the GridSpace plugin (kiri::moto). It allows for slicing from any modern day browser, and has hooks into Thingiverse, onShape, etc.

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@RodrigoVazquez, One of the perks of using OctoPrint is that the .gcode files are saved and it is relatively easy to print one multiple times. You can do so from your phone using a browser or an app designed to talk to OctoPrint.

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Yes, a good cloud based software to manage files could make up for it.

any app recommendations?

I don't like cloud based stuff so I can't really recommend anything for that - but if you're also looking for an app that just connects to Octoprint then I can recommend OctoRemote.

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Cloud based systems will help average people to get into 3D printing. It is important to improve the user experience of people with no skills from using a printer. It definitely could improve much more

Why don't you like cloud base systems?

Well I like my data in my home, don't like telemetry sending without being asked and cloud based services can be turned off any day.

snip just like that your cloud devices are useless and your saved data is gone.

Happens all the time.

I agree with data protection should be taken seriously.

However, It is essential to increase demand for designing. I believe that in the future everyone is going to have a 3D printing room in their homes. I will not requiere skill to use them because the process will be very automatic, just like a robot should do the work.

People and companies will be buying or creating designs to sell for people to print at home. You will only need to add some filament and choose the design.

Next step will be AI and deep learning from users slicing habbits, materials and printers characteristics, and results analysis, making one click 3D printing possible. Will take decades.
By then, we will waste a lot of plastic.
Objectively, it will be a nerd hobby for a long time. (not taking into account professional prototyping and production, involving thousands $ machines). Needs standardized machines and materials, with a perfectly reproductible processing.

Blacksmithing took millenaries.
Machining took centuries. (and still needs a lot of tuning before production)
Silicium took decades.
How long will require addidive fabrication ?